Anxieties and back pain

I sought Priscille's help for two separate issues. Firstly she helped me with stress and anxiety issues which I experienced after a major change in my life. I still take the pills as and when I feel the anxiety coming back and feel a lot more relaxed now. 
Secondly I recently asked Priscille if she could help me with severe back pains. I struggled to get up from bed in the morning because of the pain. I experienced immediate improvement after the first pill and after a few days the pain had completely disappeared. Thank you Priscille for your help! 

A. France (16 years old)

Blocked sinuses & Earache​​ 

My 9 year old son had been suffering from blocked sinuses for many months leaving him unable to breathe properly and severe ear ache.  Numerous trips to the GP left him with a nasal spray that had no hope of getting into the tubes to do its work and ease his suffering and no advice on what further steps to take.  With Priscille's knowledge and expertise in homeopathy, following a chat about the symptoms we were given Silica tablets with instructions on the use and expected results.  Within just two tablets (which I was told taste "delicious"!) his nasal tubes were cleared and the ear ache eased.  A miracle cure!  I would highly recommend Priscille Homeopathy.

J. Portishead

Priscille has a professional and compassionate way of working with her clients. She is veryknowledgeable and able to listen well and provide extremely apt advice and guidance. The remedies she prescribed were remarkable and able to bring about profound physical and emotional changes in a subtle, quick and effective way. I went to her after several bereavements and a car crash. She has helped me to tun my life around and get on my positive path again. I certainly recommend Homeopathy with Priscille.  [❤] ️ 

H., Bristol


I was looking for an alternative way of managing some menopause symptoms and I thought I’d give homeopathy a try. Priscille was very thorough, taking into account all my symptoms, concerns and current medications.  She provided me with homeopathic remedies and suggestions for easing pains that I hadn’t come across before. With Priscille’s help, I have reduced the severity and frequency of the hot flushes, and I can now enjoy more nights of undisturbed sleep!

T., North Bristol